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London & Southern Counties B.S. - December 2018 - report by Rupert Redden

Area Show – 2018

Having achieved the double at the 2017 Area Championship Show Peter Merritt did another record at this year’s area show by winning the Best In Show award with the same bird as last year but now as an adult. Sadly, the show suffered a reduction in entries to 492 from 42 exhibitors with 363 being benched. Our thanks is extended to Roy Aplin for donating a pencil sketch to raise funds as well as to the exhibitors who sponsored the cost of the rosettes (Ghalib and Janice Al-Nasser, Hastings BS, Connor Hickman, Ray & Ruth Marston, Mid Essex BS, Ron Pearce, Brian & Karen Scott, Richard Tessier, Paul Tiller, Andy Thorpe and Terry and Yvonne Tuxford) and to David & Linda Rafis who sponsored the show with the steward’s seed raffle, Aviary Hygiene, SkyGold and Gold Chips Bedding.

The Judges Bob Francis, Gary Hale, Tony Pope & Dave Game

The judges; Bob Francis, Dave Game, Gary Hale & Tony Pope all from South Wales chose the cinnamon grey cock, last year’s winner, of committee member Peter Merritt as the Best Any Age In Show and Best In Show. They also awarded Peter’s yellowface skyblue hen as the Best Any Age Opposite Sex and overall Best Opposite Sex In Show. Gavin Carter won the Best Young Bird In Show with a light green cock while Connor Hickman’s yellowface grey hen won the Young Bird Opposite Sex Award.

Peter Merritt - BIS & Best Opposite Sex in Show

There weres quality birds in all sections and heading the champion any age was Steve Bailey’s grey green cock while Gavin Carter’s light green cock won the best champion young bird section. Peter Merritt won the intermediate any age section with his best in show cinnamon grey cock while Tony Jeffrey won the young bird award with a skyblue hen. Graham Paine won the novice any age section with a spangle light green cock while Mark Bannister won the young bird section with a lacewing opaline yellow hen. It was “Girl Power” in the beginner section with Nichola Bird winning the any age section with a yellowface grey cock while Wendy Thorogood headed the young bird section with a cinnamon grey cock. Zoe Johnson was the only junior exhibitor and won both sections with a violet cock and an opaline light green hen.

Gavin Carter - Best Young Bird in Show

Connor Hickman - Best Young Bird Opposite Sex

Inter-Club Competition

Four weeks later the Society held its Inter-Club Competition and was well supported where 4 societies participated by sending a team of 12 birds to compete in the 12 classes provided. The guest speaker/judge was Trevor Terheege who is well known as part of the successful Terheege Partnership. Trevor gave an informative power point presentation about his history in the hobby when he was a junior till his comeback in the hobby and forming a partnership with his son Adrian. He looked at the progression of the budgerigar and the faults that we find with the modern-day bird.

David Harmer (President) making the presentation to Trevor Terheege (Speaker)

After lunch Trevor judged the show and for the third year running South Hants BS won the competition with 39 points followed by Mid Essex BS entering a team for the first time and winning 35 points. South Eastern BC was third with 25 points followed by Sussex BS with 17 points. The winning team also won the £50 prize money.


The Society’s AGM will be held on 17th February 2019 at the HQ venue in Smallfield. Prior to the AGM Roy Aplin, past president of both the BS & LSCBS, will be the guest speaker.

Show promoting societies are reminded that the closing date for applying for LSCBS patronage is 28th February and applications should be sent to James Folly (52 Queens Road, Rayleigh, Essex SS6 8LA). The 2019 subscriptions are due on 1st January and need to be sent to Paul Tiller (4 Painshill House, Painshill Park, Cobham, Surrey KT11 1DL). The rates are single £13, partnership at same address £15, other partnership £13 each, OAP & disabled £8 & junior £6.

For more information about the Society please contact the chairman Ghalib Al-Nasser Tel. 01787 282332, ghalib.alnasser@gmail.com or visit the Society’s website on www.landscbs.org.uk

LONDON & SOUTHERN COUNTIES B.S. - August 2018 - Report by Rupert Redden, Publicity Officer


The Society staged its successful combined Specialist & Rare Variety Show with the Young Stock Show with a total entry for the combined event of 269 from 26 exhibitors with a total of 228 benched for Graham Barton and Roger Carr to judge. All colour group winners received a bespoke coloured coaster and the judges received a ceramic beaker.

The Judges Graham Barton and Roger Carr


Any Age

Young Bird

Best Lutino

*G & J Al-Nasser

D & L Rafis

Best Albino

*G & J Al-Nasser

J Wheeler

Best Yellow-wing

* Mrs A Shoosmith


Best Whitewing

* I Thorogood


Best Crest or Tuft

*M Baker

P Baker

Best SF Spangle Green

* G Paine

J Wheeler

Best SF Spangle Blue

*A Thorpe

G & J Al-Nasser

Best DF Spangle

*A Thorpe

W Thorogood

Best Dominant Pied

*G Paine

R Marston

Best Recessive Pied

*W & H Bien

D Moss

Best Yellowface

*G & J Al-Nasser

T Jeffrey

Best Rare Variety

C D & S Sharpe

* Mrs A Shoosmith

Best Clearbody

*G Paine

G Paine

Best Olive/Mauve/Violet

*D & L Rafis


Best Lacewing

*J Sopp

I Thorogood

Best Any Other Colour

* A Shoosmith


Best Pair

G & J Al-Nasser

Best Team  G & J Al-Nasser

Best Colour Budgerigar

Mrs F Percy


* Indicates Best of Variety Overall 

Ghalib and Janice Al-Nasser won 3 CCs plus the Pair and Team awards

In the Young Stock Show Martin Frost won Best Young Bird and Best Champion Young Bird with a dominant pied skyblue hen.  Paul Harden won the award for Best Young Bird Opposite Sex with a skyblue cock. The award for Best Any Age in show went to John Sopp with a cobalt cock. Best Barhead went to Wendy Thorogood with a cinnamon grey hen.

Will and Helena Bien – CC for Recessive Pied Any Age

Heading the Champion Young Bird was Martin Frost’s pied hen followed by Brian and Karen Scott with a grey green cock. David Harmer won the Best Champion Any Age with a skyblue cock.

In the Intermediate Young Bird section, Paul Harden headed the section with his skyblue cock followed by Tony Jeffrey’s spangle cinnamon skyblue cock in second place. Best Intermediate Any Age was won by John Sopp with his cobalt cock.

Graham Paine wins 3 CCs

In the novice section, James Wheeler won the first two positions with a skyblue cock followed by an albino hen. There were no adult birds shown in this section.

Wendy Thorogood headed both beginner sections. The Best Young Bird was a goldenface grey cock while her dominant pied cinnamon dark green cock was second best. Wendy also won the adult award.

Wendy Thorogood headed both beginner sections

Area Championship Show

The society is looking forward to its Area Championship Show on 14th October 2018 Judges booked are Bob Francis, Dave Game, Gary Hale, Tony Pope and from Germany Christian Bach. Schedules will be posted to all paid up members and past two year exhibitors or can be obtained from the Shows Organiser, Ghalib Al-Nasser (01787 282332 or email ghalib.alnasser@gmail.com).

The Seminar and Inter-Club Competition will be held on 11th November 2018 and we shall welcome Trevor Terheege who will give a presentation in the morning followed by judging the inter-club competition after lunch. All members and guests are welcome to this event but book lunch in advance with Ghalib Al-Nasser. All affiliated societies in the area are welcomed to send a team of 12 birds in different colour groups.

Due to health reasons Tony Cash has sold all his birds and had stepped down from the committee and his positions as general secretary and president elect. Ghalib has taken over the role of secretary combined with his chairmanship duties till further notice. The new society’s website www.landscbs.org.uk has been kept up to date with current information.

LONDON & SOUTHERN COUNTIES B.S. NEWS – April 2018 - by Rupert Redden, Publicity Officer

The Society held its AGM on 18th February at its usual venue in Smallfield, Surrey. The Society’s Chairman, Ghalib Al-Nasser, opened the meeting and welcomed all those who attended. A minute’s silence was observed for those members who had recently passed away, namely Barry Wiseman, Vic Springett, Frank Sains and Denis Ball.

Speakers for the day were Sandra & James Gillan with James giving a power point presentation on how they got involved in the hobby from 2009 with his dad doing the aviary rebuilds and mum helping with the birds; to a top class Intermediate partnership winning many awards on the show bench that included many best in shows. Their ultimate win was when they were crowned World Champion in 2015 at the B.S. Club Show when they were only novices. They showed pictures of various birds brought in from top breeders in this country such as Alex & David Woan, Gren & Pat Norris, the Luke partnership and the Bowkers. They showed photos of their pairings with results which showed the progressive improvement to becoming World Champions!

Tony Jeffrey, the outgoing president with Sandra & James Gillan

It was a very informative presentation, also answering questioned from their feeding habits to their stock control, also on their acquisitions/outcrosses and blood lines they stressed that they were careful to bring in the correct features required to improve the stud. Members present showed their appreciation for an interesting power point presentation that had lots of useful commentary and was enjoyed by all.

At the AGM that followed the presentation Officers elected for 2018 were as follows:  David Harmer, president; Tony Cash, president elect & secretary; Malcolm Parsons, subscription secretary; Paul Tiller, treasurer; James Folly, patronage secretary and Ghalib Al-Nasser & Rupert Redden joint Newsletter editors. The general committee to consist of all above and Tony Jeffrey, Jim Lawrie, Peter Merritt, David Rafis, David Rice, Richard Tessier & Tony Wilkinson.

David Harmer receiving the Presidential Chain of Office from the outgoing President Tony Jeffrey

Tony Jeffrey, the outgoing president, was called upon to present the Blue Riband and Chelfers Awards to their winners. The Blue Riband cup was won by the Ellis & Mathews partnership while the Chelfers Awards were won by Ellis & Mathews (champion), P & S Stevens (intermediate), Mark Bannister (novice), Graham Paine (beginner) & Millie Roberts (junior).

Tony Jeffrey presenting Graham Paine with his beginner Chelfers Award

Ghalib Al-Nasser presenting Peter & Sandra Stevens with their intermediate Chelfers Award

Tony Jeffrey awarded The President’s Trophy to the Society’s patronage secretary James Folly for all his work for the Society and his local club.

Tony Jeffrey awarding the President’s Trophy to James Folly, the Society’s patronage secretary

The Society also awarded two of its members the Silver Star namely Martin Frost and Malcolm Parsons for their work over many years to many local clubs.

Tony Jeffrey with the Silver Star holders Malcolm Parsons & Martin Frost

Ghalib Al-Nasser, shows organiser, informed the meeting that judges booked for the Society’s combined Specialist & Rare Variety Show & Young Stock Show on 14th July are Graham Barton & Roger Carr. For the Area Show on 14th October judges booked are Bob Francis, Dave Game, Gary Hale, Tony Pope and Christian Bach (Germany). The Inter-Club Competition will be held on 11th November with a presentation in the morning by Trevor Terheege followed by lunch then judging the inter-club competition. The Chairman also informed members that the Society’s website www.landscbs.org.uk was updated with a fresh look.

The meeting was brought to a close with the Chairman thanking everyone for attending and to James & Sandra Gillan for their presentation.

At the committee meeting that followed the AGM Ghalib Al-Nasser was re-elected chairman and shows organiser with Paul Tiller vice chairman and Rupert Redden & Ghalib Al-Nasser as joint publicity officers. The shows committee was re-elected again as Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser, James Folly, Tony Jeffrey, Malcolm Parsons, Paul Tiller & Brian Scott. The Silver Star committee to consist of Ghalib Al-Nasser, Tony Cash, David Rafis, Richard Tessier & Paul Tiller.

Subscriptions can be sent to the subscription secretary Malcolm Parsons (46 Melrose Avenue, Worthing, West Sussex BN13 1NX). The rates are single £13, partnership at same address £15, other partnership £13 each, OAP & disabled £8 and junior £6.

For more information about the Society please contact the secretary Tony Cash on 01329 231554 or tony@southern-heating.co.uk or visit the Society’s website on www.landscbs.org.uk

Chairman’s Message – February 2018

No doubt most of you are in the middle of the breeding season and I wish you every success that you deserve. With us it is a very disappointing season so far with many pairs having clear rounds, a few hens have died and few did not lay and only 15 chicks rung by end of January. However, apart from these setbacks no doubt a few of you would have also experienced the problem of ring delivery this year. I must admit with all my years in the hobby since 1971 this is the first time that I have heard of such problems with the ring manufacturer so I feel for those members who have been affected by this long delay.

We had a successful year last year with 3 successful events staged by your Council. The SRVOS/YSS was reported in the August Newsletter and with this Newsletter you will see the results of the area show (October) and the Inter-Club Competition (November). Both events had an international flavour to it whereby we had a fancier from the USA, Greg Arena, attending the show and joining our society and for the November event we had Maarten Heylen, a successful fancier and judge from Belgium, attending as our guest speaker and judge and he had Bob Wilson (USA) accompanying him for the trip. It was very pleasing to listen to Maarten explaining to the attendees his method of breeding, feeding and showing.

For me the year was marred by the passing away of two good friends namely Barry Wiseman (October) and Vic Springett (November). Vic, with his late wife Doreen, were my mentors when I started in the hobby back in 1971 in Southend on Sea. They taught me all I needed to know about show management, both in the office and on the floor, and it was an acceptable joke that I was their surrogate son. Barry was a great gentleman and friend to many and a very successful exhibitor. Only recently I heard of the passing of Frank Sains who was a founder member of Mid Essex BS. Our condolences are extended to their families.

Our society website had a face lift recently when we engaged Terry Tuxford to do the job for us. We extend a special THANK YOU to Tony Cash who looked after the website for the past few years and was also our Newsletter Editor until recently when he vacated both posts. Thank you Tony for a job well done.

We have invited the World Champions Sandra & James Gillan to be our guest speakers at the AGM to be held on Sunday 18th February so I hope that many of you will attend and make their trip from Norwich worthwhile. See you at our first event of the year.

Ghalib Al-Nasser, Chairman

Future Events

SRVOS/YSS    Saturday 14th July 2018
Area Show        Sunday 14th October 2018
Inter-Club         Sunday 11th November 2018

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