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Silver Star Award

The Silver Star commenced in 1951 and was initially called The Star of Merit. It is an accolade bestowed upon a member for outstanding services to the Society. It is awarded in recognition of any notable achievement in the breeding of Budgerigars or for meritorious service on behalf of our Society.

A sub-committee of five members is elected annually, at the Society's General Council meeting after the AGM, from existing holders of the Silver Star, to investigate claims in the year under review for recommendation to the General Council. Four of those members present at a meeting to form a quorum.

The sub-committee meets in November only to consider any nominations sent by members to the General Secretary by 31st October. The nominations have to be proposed and seconded by members giving reasons for such nominations. The sub-committee also reserves the right to withhold the award of the Silver Star for any particular year.

Presentation of the Silver Star is made by the outgoing President at the Society's AGM held in February.


1951 E. W. Brooks, A. M. P. M. Dillon, R. W. L. Thrasher, T. E. Wheeler, F. W. Pratley 1952 W. H. Eales, M. E. J. Hughes (Miss) 1953 W. H. A. Reeves, J. M. Robottom
1954 E. W. Gadd, S. G. Nye, J. W. Collyer 1955   1956 D. E. Pratt, F. J. Stanford, W. J. Bourne, F. L. Dodridge
1957 P. L. Dabner 1958 K. M. Seaton (Mrs.), O. Bourne (Mrs.) 1959 L. J. Tompkins
1960   1961 T. E. Collins 1962  
1963 B. W. Gray (Mrs.)  1964   1965 D. Collins (Mrs.)
1966 H. R. Chamberlain 1967 J. H. Siggins 1968  
1969 D. Jones, V. Fox 1970   1971 D. Jones (Mrs.)
1972 H. S. Saunders 1973 R. K. Bissell 1974 H. Aplin-Taylor
1975 M. W. A. Gray 1976 J. Hemus (Mrs.), G. B. Smith 1977 I. A. West (Miss)
1978 J. H. & C. Harvey 1979 A. L. Marshall, M. Mapston 1980  
1981 G. C. V. Fletcher 1982 F. Wright 1983 C. J. Bennett, R. Denham, P. L. Spain, F. E. Warren
1984 G. S. Binks, D. & S. Bracher 1985   1986 R. C. Pearce
1987 G. Al-Nasser 1988 D. T. Stephenson 1989 R. Crossman
1990 A. Nash 1991 J. Bird, J. R. Foxton (Mrs.), B. Scott, K. Scott (Mrs.) 1992  
1993   1994 P. Snashfold, P. & B. Harper 1995 C. Nash (Mrs.)
1996 K. H. Gray 1997 R. Powell 1998 V. Springett, D. Springett (Mrs.)
1999 D. Sadler 2000 M. Robinson, D. Windibank 2001 D. Faulkner, R. Faulkner (Mrs), E. Sigston, R. Watts
2002   2003   2004  
2005 R. Aplin, C. Spalding (Mrs) 2006 R. Whiteman 2007  
2008 R. Tessier 2009 J. Jeffrey (Mrs.) 2010  
2011 D. Stiling, P. Tiller 2012   2013 T. Jeffrey
2014   2015   2016 T. Cash, M. Freeborn, D. Harmer, D. Rafis
2017 M. Frost, M. Parsons 2018 Gavin Carter, Ian Thorogood 2019 M Freemantle
2023 R Redden, T Tuxford 2024 M Smith, T Wilkinson    

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