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Quick Profile - Terry Tuxford

What you like to be called? Terry

When did you start in budgies? 1979 - Joined BS & L&SCBS in 1980

Favourite colour/variety (Budgie) Dark Factor Spangles and Good Budgies

Favourite colour (non-Budgie) - Blue

Pizza or Burger? Burger

Book or Kindle? Kindle

Additives fed to budgies? Hormova

Best Budgie moment? BS Trainee Judge of the Year 1998

Budgie clubs you belong to? BS, L&SCBS, ASBS, CBBA

Other hobbies? Fishing, Clay Pigeon Shooting

Other clubs you belong to? Wellington Gun Club

Favourite holiday destination? South West Florida Fort Myers

Average number of budgies kept? 100

Softfood recipe? Eggfood and carrot

When do you have birds for sale? Most of the time





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