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Quick Profile - Tony Jeffrey

What you like to be called? Tony

When did you start in budgies? First time in 1976 for 2 years then from 2002

Favourite colour/variety (Budgie) Yellowface

Favourite colour (non-Budgie) - Blue

Pizza or Burger? Burger

Book or Kindle? Kindle

Additives fed to budgies? Calcivet, Orego-stim

Best Budgie moment? First CC with a Opaline Green hen and winning Best Opp Sex YB in 2005

Budgie clubs you belong to? BS, L&SCBS, Sussex, South Eastern, Hastings, ASBS

Other hobbies? Racing Pigeons

Other clubs you belong to? New Haven Racing Pigeon Club

Favourite holiday destination? None

Average number of budgies kept? 150 - 200

Softfood recipe? Deli-nature, Soaked Oats, Cooked Wheat

When do you have birds for sale? Do not like selling birds


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